The Farther We Go

by Colour Color

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released September 1, 2012

all songs written & recorded by johnny simmen and kyle sipress

all songs engineered, produced & mixed by matt grabe

all songs mastered by noah mintz
 at the lacquer channel
album artwork by sarah cannon
guest vocals on "stay the same" by maddy rodriguez



all rights reserved


Colour Color Newmarket, Ontario

we are Colour Color, here is our music. you can buy it or have it for free the choice is yours.

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Track Name: Look Around
what you said wont go away, wont leave from my head
the instant I lose my place, you fix me instead
I cant stop whats inside of me, and it messes me up
dont mistake me for a pessimist, ive seen better days

and I am not surprised, that I always thought
that this was a small world, but now I am wrong
because I only caught a glimpse of your face.
Track Name: The Farther We Go
Let me tell you a story I don't know how to begin,
but it will get you on your feet.
They've been searching and it's vast in ways, but thats's not a complaint.
It haunts them to the tee.

We have to accept there is an unknown and over time they'll make you out to be pretend. If you look like a fool then it's probably because they know, how come they never let it end.
So peel the filter off of your face, you'll find one thing then the next.

I just know even toughing it out, they won't fine the end, cause the end is out of reach. It's not approachable it's something that we can't comprehend. It haunts them to the tee, it haunts then to the teeth.

We'll never know where were gonna go if the water pours in and we'll never tell if it doesn't end well.
We'll never know, we're just told this is how the cycle goes. And we'll never tell if they want them punished.
So do not believe in fate if the water pours in. Do not believe in fate.
Track Name: Leaving This State
We've been sifted through our crops for days but we just don't have the means to keep replanting our seeds.
We have tried to guard our fields for years but we just don't match up to the strength of our problems, and it gives me shivers.

We'll watch them smile as all this spreads. They will continue planting our suicide seeds. They're just thinking of how they can prosper and it gives me shivers.

You just know by the look in my eyes. I never saw this coming. Pulling strings to act as nature, they're asking for a failure.

They would change us all if they knew we would strive to be a better part of the pain they cause.
Track Name: Changed
Make your wish but be careful you'll end up oh so miserable counting sheep until four. Of course you will remember so let it go don't make so much noise. Trust me, make a choice.

Make your fist, punch your walls but what's it for? You'll never know.
You cant resist making holes.
Take your trip out to forget your home you don't miss anymore.
The moment clicks, there's nowhere to go.

You're not alone so, take a breath and go home.
It's as easy as...

Because sometimes we need someone to show us what we can't see ourselves. Don't throw a fuss.
Track Name: Only In Pictures
I heard a desperate girl tried to get along with the world, always looking to be loved.
She made a huge mistake and one that takes time to grow, it shapes into a halo.

There was never a warning sign, then she left everything.
She's burning off the bottoms of her feet as she goes wandering the road.

It's turning tables now, he let her little secret go. Her innocence was always safer. The guilt is taking over and she doesn't see the lesson learned.
It's turning out to be too much for her to control.

It starts spreading to the masses, there's nowhere she can hide away. And i'm betting that he hadn't known she'd feel so worthless. Because once she was alive and now there's only her pictures. She's only in pictures.

There was never a warning sign, then she left everything.
She left everything as she goes wandering another realm.
Track Name: I'm Still A Minor
How come my legs are numb and I can't move to touch my face?
What did the night end with? All I recall is everyone wasted.
I've got this dirt feeling in my bones that I am not the innocent.
Where is the nurse that entered the room but didn't take one damn look at me?

Can you imagine all of his thoughts? They must be frightening.
There must be a lot he wants to earn but he's not so lucky.

He lays there wishing to wake up as if it's a dream.

This is who you are, you cannot pretend. You're lucky you're not dead so just go with the wind. Careful who you are because in an instant it's ripped away.
Track Name: Stay The Same
You notice I am socially curious, while you're staring me in the face.
You cant help but know that you're different, If iim looking at you in this way.

So what will you do now knowing that these eyes can simply tell the truth.
You're more cautious than you used to be, but I am still the same

I guess you're around when I need you.

You can get aroused as I start the track, It's the melody that is getting to us. Don't be surprised if at the end, you can't look that way again.
I can't look that way again.
Track Name: Cast It
Give us something to do.
They somehow disguise the truth, yet they speak it in our faces. But we're too preoccupied to notice.
So believe it when they say, they say we're slaves. So how long will it last? Oh how long will we last.

I see them now I can see them glowing they force this lifestyle without conscious. I get it now, I could cast my wholeness away underground. Will we cast it?
Track Name: Carry On
Why is it so hard.
Time is in the way. Couldn't find the truth, I tried for days and days.
I ended up alone, all alone and she couldn't stand the way I obsessed.
I was caught up but I finished with my ways when she said.

Everyday was the same, I couldn't lift my head; If I had cared.
Although I regret, I'm glad that I learned from my mistakes.

Might as well tie you up.
You're not moving, just stand still not knowing who decides to end our lives. All this mourning, well where's all it going? It's time to cary on.
Track Name: A Message To Myself
It takes a lot to fool myself.
This habit's affecting me and it's in the way of everything I have wanted in my life. But still you find me sitting here, again.

It's looking like I have hit a wall. The motivations left me.
I wonder what's it gonna take to act and turn the switch off.
There's nothing that this can replace.

You sold yourself to the trap.
And you know there's something that's sad about it.
It's getting old but it still fills your void.
So I guess it's back to pen and paper.

What should I do?
As your trying to resist it's symptoms, you slowly start to panic.
But don't underestimate the strength we all have, we were born with it.

Your sorrows would be gone, if you would just stay out of this phase.
Your sorrows would move on, if you would just stay away
You sold yourself to the trap again, and your going under.